US Customized Finishes manufactures glass doors to complement your designs.   These doors can be routed to match the many door series we offer, including both the 1-piece and 5-piece designs.    We offer two basic types; open frame designs (called "Prisms") and mullion or grid-type doors (called "Opticals"). 

MDF doors are standard with a ½”  rabbeted back, providing a ledge to seat your glass or other insert (see drawing of sample rabbet below). No glass or hardware is provided by US Customized for your installation.   

One-piece glass doors can be ordered with a square design or your choice of designer opening including:  Arch, Cathedral or Double Cathedral, Provencial or Double Provencial and Full Round design.   Split Cathedral, Split Full Rounds, etc. may also be chosen.   (Remember when ordering split designs you should  order them as 2 doors (for example, 1 left/1 right).    Call our office for more information.   A small upcharge applies when a designer door is chosen.    

Five-piece doors are available in Square designs only.

Your choice of standard edge profile is included at no charge on all 1-piece doors.    A limited choice of edge profile is available for the 2003, 2004 and 2005 series.   Standard rails and stiles  will match the door series you are ordering; for instance, if you order a Chesapeake door, the rails and stiles will be  2'' wide.    Please refer to the individual door series for information on modifying rail and stile dimensions.   If available, a small fee will apply.
Maximum Length is 96''.   Minimum sizes may vary depending on the door series you have chosen.    We also recommend a center rail of 2'' or more be ordered on Prism doors (open frames) that are over 50'' in length.   Generally, 9-light opticals, 10-light opticals and split designs (including both Prism and Optical doors) may require a 14'' minimum width. These specifications should be used as a guideline only. Certain minimum height requirements might also come into consideration when making Cathedral and Full Round Designs.  

All drawings shown are for illustration only and are not to scale.

Prism Doors


Optical Doors