Replacement Cabinet Doors

US Customized Finishes is a leading manufacturer of custom cabinet doors. The company produces both MDF (medium density fiberboard) and solid wood products. Our reputation for superior quality, reliability and customer service has been earned in our 20 years in the industry.

Replacement MDF cabinet doors can be purchased unfinished, primed, painted or thermofoiled in a variety of solid and woodgrain finishes. Thermofoil products can be referred to as: “thermofoil”, “foiled”, “laminate” or “vinyl”. Thermofoil cabinet doors are created when a layer of PVC vinyl is applied to MDF board using a combination of vacuum pressure, heat and high-quality, catalyzed glue. Thermofoil kitchen doors, bathroom doors, closet doors and cabinet doors are very durable and economical.

Currently, we stock over 30 thermofoil colors, most with matching melamine backs.

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