Peel and Stick Thermofoil

US Customized Finishes now offers “Peel and Stick” thermofoil for use in your custom cabinet installations. Peel & Stick vinyl can be used for cabinet end panels, face frames or other custom projects. Foil with the “Peel & Stick” adhesive is available in 24″ x 96″ sheets ready for trimming in your shop or on the job site.

Thermofoil material can also be purchased without the peel and stick adhesive. These vinyls would average between 50” to 57” wide and linear footage can be rolled off per your instructions. Different methods can be used to apply this material including a variety of countertop glues, contact cement, or solvent-based sprays.

Remember to take grain patterns into consideration and order sufficient amounts to complete your installations. All stock thermofoil colors are available. Please contact us for additional information and pricing.

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