Oak Cabinet Doors from US Customized Finishes

The oak is synonymous with strength, growth and longevity, especially in the United States.  Oak trees are from the genus Quercus and consist of over 400 species, making it one of the most varied plant species on the planet.  Most oaks have spirally arranged leaves with catkin flowers that bloom in spring.  Acorns are the fruit of the oak tree.  Almost all oak species are deciduous, with the exception of the live oak, which grows in the deep south and looms large in southern folklore for its shape, girth and Spanish moss.

Oak is prized for commercial use because of its strength and resistance to insect attack.  It has attractive grain designs, especially when quartersawn.  Oak is commonly used in visible building timbers, ship building, barrel production for use in aged alcoholic beverages like wine and whiskey, flooring and fine furniture.  US Customized Finishes produces oak cabinet doors, drawer fronts and moldings.  Red Oak cabinet doors are available for finishing in your shop.  Red Oak is selected for color. Defects such as knots and splits are removed. Burl and pin knots are acceptable and panel rips are arranged to form a reasonable blend of grain and color tones. 

In addition to red oak wood doors, US Customized also manufactures mdf cabinet doors with thermofoil finishes including Solar Oak thermofoil.  Matching or blending melamines may be available to blend with Solar Oak foil.

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