Maple Wood Cabinet Doors

Maple or “Acer” is a common variety of tree and shrub form the genus Aceraceae, or from the botanical family Sapindaceae.  Although Maple is associated with North America and Canada in particular, most of its approximate 125 species are found in Asia, with several species in Europe. 

 Maples consist of trees that can reach heights of 150 feet and shrubs which are only a few feet high.  Most maple plants have the characteristic 5 point leaves, and most species are deciduous, but there are a few evergreen varieties.  Maple has many commercial applications including use in maple syrup, building timber and furniture use.  Maple cabinet doors are very popular with several different options, including Paint Grade Maple, Stain Grade Maple and White Maple

The wood for stain grade maple and white maple is consistently light and creamy with very subtle grains.  Paint grade maple is more varied with dark streaks, hence its utility is generally limited to painting.  In addition to maple cabinet doors, US Customized Finishes also manufactures MDF cabinet doors and offers several maple thermofoil options including Sanibel Maple, Fusion Maple and Hard Rock Maple thermofoils.  MDF products using these maple thermofoils may be available with matching or blending melamine backs. See our thermofoil chart for information on melamines that may be available from DixieLam, Roseburg and Panolam.

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