Mahogany Cabinet Doors

Mahogany is a generic name for a variety of species of dark colored hardwoods.  The name “Mahogany” is a word of American Indian etymology and is used in the genus Swietenia mahagoni to refer to the varieties of mahogany wood.  Mahogany grows mostly in subtropical and tropical regions like Central America, the Carribean, the Phillipines and Indonesia. 

Mahogany is prized for its use in furniture.  It is a very durable, strong and carveable wood that resists rot, giving it wide utility in furniture, boatmaking and musical instruments.  Mahogany has very few knots, pockets and grain imperfections giving it a uniform grain and color for use in mahogany cabinet doors, although occasional knots and burls can be found.

Mahogany cabinet doors are rich in color and texture and can be used in kitchens, baths, closets or offices.  

US Customized Finishes produces solid wood cabinet doors, including a line of mahogany cabinet doors.  Moreover, US Customized also manufactures MDF cabinet doors with thermofoil finishes including the popular Mahogany Impressions. Mahogany Impressions thermofoil products can be purchased with matching melamine backs.

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