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Thermofoil Cabinet Doors of 2009

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard.  MDF  is a highly compacted, durable form of particle board that can be painted, primed or finished with vinyl or thermofoil for use in furniture or cabinetry.

One of the most common applications for MDF is use in cabinet doors.  MDF cabinet doors, drawer fronts and moldings can be finished to look like real wood at a fraction of the cost.  One piece MDF cabinet doors are an option for durability and function.   Five piece MDF cabinet doors are a more authentic and crafted style that captures the carpentry of real wood. 

Painted MDF cabinet doors are manufactured by applying several layers of paint in thin coats to achieve a European style look.

Vinyl, laminate and thermofoiled MDF cabinet doors are another option.   Most thermofoil finishes are available with matching melamine backs from DixieLam, Roseburg or other suppliers. 

US Customized Finishes carries the following vinyls:  Almond, Alpine White, Antique, Backwoods Sycamore, Bisque, Black Cherry, Black, Brandy Fruitwood, Candlelight Apple, Cherrywood, Chocolate Apple, Espresso, Frosty White, Fashion Gray, Fusion Maple, Fusion X, Grand Cherry, Hard Rock Maple, Mocha, Mahogany Impressions, Pear, Sanibel Maple, Secret, Serene Cherry, Smooth White, Solar Oak, Spiced Fruitwood, White Ash, Wild Apple and Wild Cherry.