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Walnut Cabinet Doors for Kitchens

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Walnut wood comes from the walnut tree (genus Juglans) in the family Juglandaceae.  Walnut trees are deciduous trees that grow from 30 to 140 feet tall.  Walnut wood is hard, dense and tight-grained.  It also polishes to a smooth, beautiful sheen.  Accordingly, it has earned a popular reputation in fine wood applications including gun stocks, stringed instruments, fine furniture and flooring.  In addition, the fruit of the tree, the walnut itself, is prized for culinary use by itself and as an ingredient in many dishes, particularly candies, cakes and cookies. 

Growing throughout temperate regions of North America, Asia and Europe, Walnut trees comprise about 21 different species.  Walnut trees are very economically valuable, making the wood sell at premium prices.  US Customized Finishes sells walnut cabinet doors, drawer fronts and moldings.  The grain of the walnut cabinet doors may have occasional burl and pin knots.  The doors are sanded smooth and are ready for finishing in your shop. 

US Customized also manufactures 1 piece MDF cabinet doors and 5 piece MDF cabinet doors in addition to unfinished wood cabinet doors.  Several thermofoil finishes are available including many woodgrain patterns that match with melamines from Panolam, DixieLam and Roseburg.

Oak Cabinet Doors from US Customized Finishes

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

The oak is synonymous with strength, growth and longevity, especially in the United States.  Oak trees are from the genus Quercus and consist of over 400 species, making it one of the most varied plant species on the planet.  Most oaks have spirally arranged leaves with catkin flowers that bloom in spring.  Acorns are the fruit of the oak tree.  Almost all oak species are deciduous, with the exception of the live oak, which grows in the deep south and looms large in southern folklore for its shape, girth and Spanish moss.

Oak is prized for commercial use because of its strength and resistance to insect attack.  It has attractive grain designs, especially when quartersawn.  Oak is commonly used in visible building timbers, ship building, barrel production for use in aged alcoholic beverages like wine and whiskey, flooring and fine furniture.  US Customized Finishes produces oak cabinet doors, drawer fronts and moldings.  Red Oak cabinet doors are available for finishing in your shop.  Red Oak is selected for color. Defects such as knots and splits are removed. Burl and pin knots are acceptable and panel rips are arranged to form a reasonable blend of grain and color tones. 

In addition to red oak wood doors, US Customized also manufactures mdf cabinet doors with thermofoil finishes including Solar Oak thermofoil.  Matching or blending melamines may be available to blend with Solar Oak foil.

Maple Wood Cabinet Doors

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Maple or “Acer” is a common variety of tree and shrub form the genus Aceraceae, or from the botanical family Sapindaceae.  Although Maple is associated with North America and Canada in particular, most of its approximate 125 species are found in Asia, with several species in Europe. 

 Maples consist of trees that can reach heights of 150 feet and shrubs which are only a few feet high.  Most maple plants have the characteristic 5 point leaves, and most species are deciduous, but there are a few evergreen varieties.  Maple has many commercial applications including use in maple syrup, building timber and furniture use.  Maple cabinet doors are very popular with several different options, including Paint Grade Maple, Stain Grade Maple and White Maple

The wood for stain grade maple and white maple is consistently light and creamy with very subtle grains.  Paint grade maple is more varied with dark streaks, hence its utility is generally limited to painting.  In addition to maple cabinet doors, US Customized Finishes also manufactures MDF cabinet doors and offers several maple thermofoil options including Sanibel Maple, Fusion Maple and Hard Rock Maple thermofoils.  MDF products using these maple thermofoils may be available with matching or blending melamine backs. See our thermofoil chart for information on melamines that may be available from DixieLam, Roseburg and Panolam.

Mahogany Cabinet Doors

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Mahogany is a generic name for a variety of species of dark colored hardwoods.  The name “Mahogany” is a word of American Indian etymology and is used in the genus Swietenia mahagoni to refer to the varieties of mahogany wood.  Mahogany grows mostly in subtropical and tropical regions like Central America, the Carribean, the Phillipines and Indonesia. 

Mahogany is prized for its use in furniture.  It is a very durable, strong and carveable wood that resists rot, giving it wide utility in furniture, boatmaking and musical instruments.  Mahogany has very few knots, pockets and grain imperfections giving it a uniform grain and color for use in mahogany cabinet doors, although occasional knots and burls can be found.

Mahogany cabinet doors are rich in color and texture and can be used in kitchens, baths, closets or offices.  

US Customized Finishes produces solid wood cabinet doors, including a line of mahogany cabinet doors.  Moreover, US Customized also manufactures MDF cabinet doors with thermofoil finishes including the popular Mahogany Impressions. Mahogany Impressions thermofoil products can be purchased with matching melamine backs.

Hickory Cabinet Doors are Durable and Beautiful

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Hickory wood comes from the hickory tree (genus “Carya”), derived from the ancient Greek word for “nut”.  Hickory is a deciduous tree comprising 17-20 species, including approximately 14 which are native to North America.  Hickory trees produce a large nut about 1-3 inches in diameter.  If you have ever parked underneath a hickory tree, then you learned never to do so again as the nuts frequently fall and can leave hailstone-like divots in an automobile’s skin.  Small yellow catkin flowers are produced by hickory trees in the spring.

Hickory cabinet doors are very durable and strong because hickory wood is extremely hard, dense and shock resistant.  The grains of hickory cabinet doors vary widely in shape and color.  Accordingly, hickory wood is generally not selected for cabinet doors solely because of color. 

US Customized Finishes manufactures hickory cabinet doors as well as many other species of unfinished doors and moldings.  Because of the strength and durability of hickory wood, it is used in many other applications like tool handles, baseball bats, and wood flooring.

Hickory drawer fronts and moldings are also available to complement your overall design scheme.   Whether the doors are stained or painted, hickory cabinet doors are a wonderful choice.

US Customized Finishes also manufactures MDF thermofoil doors in a variety of woodgrain finishes.

Thermofoil Cabinet Doors of 2009

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard.  MDF  is a highly compacted, durable form of particle board that can be painted, primed or finished with vinyl or thermofoil for use in furniture or cabinetry.

One of the most common applications for MDF is use in cabinet doors.  MDF cabinet doors, drawer fronts and moldings can be finished to look like real wood at a fraction of the cost.  One piece MDF cabinet doors are an option for durability and function.   Five piece MDF cabinet doors are a more authentic and crafted style that captures the carpentry of real wood. 

Painted MDF cabinet doors are manufactured by applying several layers of paint in thin coats to achieve a European style look.

Vinyl, laminate and thermofoiled MDF cabinet doors are another option.   Most thermofoil finishes are available with matching melamine backs from DixieLam, Roseburg or other suppliers. 

US Customized Finishes carries the following vinyls:  Almond, Alpine White, Antique, Backwoods Sycamore, Bisque, Black Cherry, Black, Brandy Fruitwood, Candlelight Apple, Cherrywood, Chocolate Apple, Espresso, Frosty White, Fashion Gray, Fusion Maple, Fusion X, Grand Cherry, Hard Rock Maple, Mocha, Mahogany Impressions, Pear, Sanibel Maple, Secret, Serene Cherry, Smooth White, Solar Oak, Spiced Fruitwood, White Ash, Wild Apple and Wild Cherry.

Cherry Wood Cabinet Doors a Great Refacing Option

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Cherry wood is a popular American hardwood.  Prized for its reddish brown, rich color, cherry is a premium wood for furniture and cabinets.  Cherry has a warm glow and a natural luster.  Cherry trees (Prunus Serotina) are found throughout Canada and North America.

Cherry cabinet doors from US Customized Finishes are the highest quality doors available.  US Customized Finishes manufactures Cherry cabinet doors as well as many other species of unfinished wood doors and moldings

The cherry cabinet doors are unfinished, but are sanded and ready for staining at your location.   Please be aware that exposure to sunlight could cause wood to darken and reveal darker reddish brown tones.  We match grain and color to reach an attractive wood mix.  Sometimes, cherry may contain sapwood (white wood from other parts of the log).  Gum pockets are a natural characteristic of cherry.

US Customized Finishes also manufactures MDF thermofoil doors in a variety of cherry finishes including Serene Cherry, Black Cherry, Wild Cherry and Grand Cherry vinyls.    See our foil color chart for more information.

MDF Cabinet Doors

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

Cabinet doors are often made of solid wood or medium density fiberboard (MDF). Solid wood cabinet doors are self explanatory.  MDF doors are more complicated.  The MDF used to make a cabinet door can be painted, primed or thermofoiled.  Finishing MDF with thermofoil is the most common method of producing MDF cabinet doors.  Thermofoil products are often called: “thermofoil”, “foiled”, “laminate” or “vinyl”.   Thermofoil products are manufactured by applying a layer of PVC vinyl to MDF board using heat, vacuum pressure, and high-quality, catalyzed glue. A membrane press is used to fuse the vinyl onto the cabinet door, molding or drawer front.  The types of thermofoil designs and patterns run the gamut from solid white to woodgrain.   Whether one wants thermofoil for their kitchen, closet, bathroom, garage or bedroom, MDF thermofoiled doors are very durable and economical.  US Customized Finishes manufactures MDF thermofoil doors, carrying over 30 thermofoil colors.  Many of these colors come with  melamine backs matching the foil color.