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Walnut Cabinet Doors for Kitchens

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Walnut wood comes from the walnut tree (genus Juglans) in the family Juglandaceae.  Walnut trees are deciduous trees that grow from 30 to 140 feet tall.  Walnut wood is hard, dense and tight-grained.  It also polishes to a smooth, beautiful sheen.  Accordingly, it has earned a popular reputation in fine wood applications including gun stocks, stringed instruments, fine furniture and flooring.  In addition, the fruit of the tree, the walnut itself, is prized for culinary use by itself and as an ingredient in many dishes, particularly candies, cakes and cookies. 

Growing throughout temperate regions of North America, Asia and Europe, Walnut trees comprise about 21 different species.  Walnut trees are very economically valuable, making the wood sell at premium prices.  US Customized Finishes sells walnut cabinet doors, drawer fronts and moldings.  The grain of the walnut cabinet doors may have occasional burl and pin knots.  The doors are sanded smooth and are ready for finishing in your shop. 

US Customized also manufactures 1 piece MDF cabinet doors and 5 piece MDF cabinet doors in addition to unfinished wood cabinet doors.  Several thermofoil finishes are available including many woodgrain patterns that match with melamines from Panolam, DixieLam and Roseburg.

Mahogany Cabinet Doors

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Mahogany is a generic name for a variety of species of dark colored hardwoods.  The name “Mahogany” is a word of American Indian etymology and is used in the genus Swietenia mahagoni to refer to the varieties of mahogany wood.  Mahogany grows mostly in subtropical and tropical regions like Central America, the Carribean, the Phillipines and Indonesia. 

Mahogany is prized for its use in furniture.  It is a very durable, strong and carveable wood that resists rot, giving it wide utility in furniture, boatmaking and musical instruments.  Mahogany has very few knots, pockets and grain imperfections giving it a uniform grain and color for use in mahogany cabinet doors, although occasional knots and burls can be found.

Mahogany cabinet doors are rich in color and texture and can be used in kitchens, baths, closets or offices.  

US Customized Finishes produces solid wood cabinet doors, including a line of mahogany cabinet doors.  Moreover, US Customized also manufactures MDF cabinet doors with thermofoil finishes including the popular Mahogany Impressions. Mahogany Impressions thermofoil products can be purchased with matching melamine backs.

Basswood Cabinet Doors

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Basswood, also known as Tilia, is a great wood for cabinet doors.  Basswood is a genus that includes approximately 30 tree species. Basswood is native throughout most of the Northern hemisphere, including North America, though it is not native to western North America.  Basswood are deciduous trees and are also known as “lime” or “linden” in Europe. Basswood trees are large trees that can grow as high as 140 feet tall.

Basswood cabinet doors have little grain and are durable. The wood’s nature is softer and easily worked. The color of Basswood is creamy to light brown with some dark streaks. There are many uses for Basswood, including use in guitar bodies and furniture. Basswood cabinet doors are attractive, durable and easily finished. US Customized Finishes manufactures Basswood cabinet doors as well as many other species of unfinished doors and moldings.

Basswood doors, moldings and drawer fronts are an attractive option for re-facing or refinishing cabinets.