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Hickory Cabinet Doors are Durable and Beautiful

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Hickory wood comes from the hickory tree (genus “Carya”), derived from the ancient Greek word for “nut”.  Hickory is a deciduous tree comprising 17-20 species, including approximately 14 which are native to North America.  Hickory trees produce a large nut about 1-3 inches in diameter.  If you have ever parked underneath a hickory tree, then you learned never to do so again as the nuts frequently fall and can leave hailstone-like divots in an automobile’s skin.  Small yellow catkin flowers are produced by hickory trees in the spring.

Hickory cabinet doors are very durable and strong because hickory wood is extremely hard, dense and shock resistant.  The grains of hickory cabinet doors vary widely in shape and color.  Accordingly, hickory wood is generally not selected for cabinet doors solely because of color. 

US Customized Finishes manufactures hickory cabinet doors as well as many other species of unfinished doors and moldings.  Because of the strength and durability of hickory wood, it is used in many other applications like tool handles, baseball bats, and wood flooring.

Hickory drawer fronts and moldings are also available to complement your overall design scheme.   Whether the doors are stained or painted, hickory cabinet doors are a wonderful choice.

US Customized Finishes also manufactures MDF thermofoil doors in a variety of woodgrain finishes.

European Beech Cabinet Doors

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

European Beech (Fagus sylvatica), also known as Common Beech, is a deciduous tree belonging to the beech family.  The tree is native to northern and western Europe from Scandinavia to Turkey.  European Beech is grown in tall, humid mountainous forests, making it dense and short-grained.  It is easy to work with and is used in furniture and cabinet applications.  It is an extremely hard wood that is also used in structural supports.  The wood is not native to North America, though it grows somewhat in Asia.  European Beech are large trees that can grow as high as 140 feet tall.

European Beech cabinet doors range from red to brown in color and are very durable.  Beech cabinet doors are attractive, durable and easily finished.  US Customized Finishes manufactures European Beech cabinet doors as well as many other species of unfinished doors and moldings.  We manufacture cabinet doors that are uniform in color and grain matched for consistent beauty.  US Customized Finishes also manufactures MDF cabinet doors with a variety of thermofoil finishes.

European Beech cabinet doors, drawer fronts and moldings are an attractive option for re-facing or refinishing cabinets.