We offer a variety of crown molding designs including both face mount and top mount. Several base moldings, flutes and beaded trims are also available. We carry a wide array of trim pieces including scribes, screens and light rails. Moldings are available in all finishes, including raw, primed, painted and thermofoiled. Drawings are included below for illustration only and are not drawn to scale. All moldings are sold in 8-foot lengths.

Bead Board

We can supply you with ¼” bead board for use as end panels, back panels, etc. The maximum size is 24” x 96”. Different thicknesses may be available. Please inquire.

Foil Material

Foil material can be purchased to cover your cabinet boxes and end panels and is available both “plain” or with a “3M peel and stick” adhesive.

Foil averages between 50” to 57” in width and linear footage can be rolled per your instructions. “Plain” foil or vinyl can be applied using a variety of methods ranging from countertop glues, contact cement or solvent-based sprays. Foil with “3M Peel and Stick” adhesive is available in 24” x 96” sheets for trimming in your shop or on the job site.

Remember to take grain patterns into consideration and order sufficient amounts to complete your installations. All stock thermofoil colors are available. Please call for information and pricing.

Headers and Valances

Decorative headers and arch valances can be purchased for your installations. Drawings are included below for illustration only and are not drawn to scale. Since programs are already established for the production of these header pieces, a design fee must be charged for any modifications to the overall design. When ordering valances, you must specify the width of the “legs” and the center dimension as shown on drawing. If a specific radius is required, a design fee may be charged. All sizes may not be available in thermofoil because of woodgrain considerations.

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Light Rails


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